Tuesday 24th March
9:00 am - 10:15 am AEDT
Webinar: Modern CX for Marketing Operations
“For the folks who want to do what others can only talk about.”
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This webinar is designed for a targeted set of professionals. Marketing Cube and our partner, Oracle Australia, reserves the right to refuse participation of a registrant should we conclude that this webinar is not suitable for your company and/or profession. Disqualified registrants will receive a separate notification prior to the webinar date.

Become a Modern CX Champ

Customers today demand and create new ways to engage with brands and manage their online experiences. We call this reality the “Experience Economy”

Why does this matter to you? It’s because marketing success has shifted from short-term goals like brand awareness to customer acquisition and retention. As customers expect a frictionless and memorable brand experience across all channels, it may only take one bad experience to lose a hard earned customer to a competitor. 

So how can you excel at providing seamless Customer Experience (CX)? The path to CX excellence is unique for every brand. In this webinar, discover where you stand in the modern CX journey based on your company’s business priorities and resources. 

Join us in this webinar to learn cool ways to use connected data to create meaningful customer interaction that drives business growth
Why you should attend:
  • Learn how to go from good to great in the Experience Economy
  • Find out how you can become a marketing superhero of your company (one lead at a time)
  • Discover how successful brands leveraged CX solutions to get ahead of the game
  • Get behind the scene of how the team at Marketing Cube and Oracle leveraged marketing automation to orchestrate today’s webinar