A person's Digital Body Language or Footprint provides tremendous insight. Do you have access to that insight?
About This Guide

While this paper is written largely for the business world, it talks to human behaviour and using technology to understand a person's human behaviour.

Once you understand a person's Digital Body Language, you're in a position to tailor your messages and deliver relevant, specific and timely communications to donor or members.

Why you should download this paper.
  • You will gain insight into the power of a person's Digital Body Language and what it tells you.
  • You will discover how to engage with people automatically based on their expressed preferences and what they're already looking at on your website and other digital assets.
  • Uncovering detailed information about where a person is up to in their engagement with Your organisation.
  • Your eyes will be opened to what's possible with the data you have today and what you can do tomorrow as you build a profile of your donor or member.
Step by step you will gain insight into a Donor or Member's behaviour as they traverse your various
digital assets.

Once you have this data, it's a constant and refining process to use the data to deliver more personal engagements and relevant information to Donors or Members.

Imagine a day when your automated campaigns can engage Donors or Members at the right time, with the right information and at time and method they've expressed as their preference.
Building a Donor/Member profile happens over time

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