The State of
Content Marketing in 2015
Infographics are a great way to engage your target Donor or Member
Not-for-Profit organisations have a distinct advantage over the business world when it comes to Content Marketing.

Businesses have to somehow make their products or services interesting. Charities, foundations or membership based groups generally have a human interest aspect, this give you a great advantage.

Nothing goes viral faster than human interest content. Most Not-for-Profits have content available to them which can be easily repurposed for content marketing campaigns.
Taking a moment to understand what others are doing in the world of Content Marketing can provide you some insight to help you discover what you're doing and perhaps what you're not doing.

The responses below are sourced from 205 Oracle Marketing Cloud users from around the world in multiple industries.

Get More Bang For Your Buck

60% of marketers re-purpose content 2-5 times, with over half turning assets into snackable content.

Marketing Automation enables the easy delivery of your content to donors or members based on their
engagement with your organisation over time.

Take note of the four Key Trends at the bottom of
this infographic:
  1. Sharing Content
  2. Delivering Real Time Content based on behavioural patterns
  3. Use of Progressive Profiling
  4. Visual & Engaging Content

Which of these trends are influencing the way you develop content and use it to engage with your target donor or member?

In this short 7 min video Kevin Allocca, from YouTube, helps us understand how a video goes viral. Kevin watches videos for a living. His TED-X Youth audience wish they had his job.
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