About Marketing Cube

Marketing Cube is a leading marketing agency and solutions provider in ANZ, which enables marketers to leverage the extraordinary power of marketing automation to drive measurable revenue performance improvement, to do more with less and radically improve customer experience. Our multiple award winning team has been responsible for establishing and driving Eloqua's success in the ANZ market over the last 5 years.
Marketing Cube is an accredited Eloqua partner that provides a range of services from best practises & strategy, through to campaign management and managed services, lead scoring and nurturing, sales enablement, and training services.

What will be sent to your prospects?
, your prospects will be taken through all 14 emails regardless of where you start them. You control where they start the journey based on your conversation with them. We have three campaigns using the Eloqua Grande Guides to underpin each interaction. The three campaigns and the content to be shared is listed below in the order they will be sent to your prospect. If they start in Campaign C, Campaign A will follow and then Campaign B.


Your Details

Your Prospect's Details

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Campaign A. Social Engagement & Marketing
#1 The Grande Guide To Social CMO
#2 The Grande Guide To Wikipedia
#3 The Grande Guide To Social Advertising
#4 The Grande Guide To Social Demand Generation
#5 The Grande Guide To Personal Branding
#6 The Grande Guide To Community Management
#7 The Grande Guide To Social CRM
#8 The Grande Guide To Social Selling

Campaign B. Lead Nurturing &
Lead Generation

#1 The Grande Guide To Lead Scoring
#2 The Grande Guide To Email Deliverability and Privacy
#3 The Grande Guide To Lead Nurturing
#4 The Grande Guide To B2B Content Marketing
#5 The Grande Guide To B2B Blogging

Campaign C. Sales & Marketing Alignment
#1 The Grande Guide To Sales Enablement
What's in it for Marketing Cube?
The team at Marketing Cube is a certified Eloqua Partner and an Oracle Gold Level Partner. Our objective is to grow our business through the sale and delivery of Eloqua products and services. We have our own sales team, however we're committed to working with the Oracle sales team. We hope this Eloqua Prospect Nurturing Campaign shows that commitment.
What are the Rules of Engagement?
All prospects you log using this tool will be isolated in our instance of Eloqua. Emails will appear to be from you, they will be signed off using your name and your mobile number will be included in the email.
Marketing Cube WILL NOT log any leads with Oracle based on the details you provide here - unless you request that we do so. In balance, we'd hope that should a prospect nurtured through this campaign require a demo or a degree of pre-sales support, that you would place a call to Adrian Jones or Derek Bell on +61 2 8244 0007 and ask for our help.
Any Questions ?
If you have any questions, please email Adrian Jones - Managing Director or Derek Bell - Customer Success & Marketing Director at Marketing Cube. Or, call us.
+61 (0)2 8224 0007
Marketing Cube Pty Ltd
Suite 2, Level 3, 85 William Street
Please don't share your PURL (Personalised URL) with anyone, the personalisation and reporting will fail, creating a not so awesome experience for your prospect. The URL above should have your name in it. Have your Oracle colleague call us, we can create an account for them.
What if you need to Unsubscribe them URGENTLY?
Call Marketing Cube on +61 (0)2 8244 0007 and we can action it for you. The prospect will always be able to unsubscribe themselves at any time using the links in the footer of the email.